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Shine Bright Musical Theatre School 

Located in Central Langley B.C.

Teaching Musical Theatre fundamentals;  Acting, Dance ,and Singing .

Each term includes twelve three-hour classes held on Saturdays.

We hold three terms throughout the year and some Spring & Summer Camps.

Shine Bright helps students discover performing arts abilities, while working in large  and small groups.

We strive to develop our students' self-esteem, while through Performing Arts.


Please read through the bios be;low to learn about our talented teachers

Employee Bios

Kathy (Linke) Bettanin

I am the Director of Shine Bright Musical Theatre School . I have experience in all theatre disciplines, but my specialty is in costume designing, sewing and developing costumes. My favourite characters are the Minions, but they aren’t the greatest singers, actors or dancer. Favourite dancers and singers are easy for me Michael and Janet Jackson have always caught my attention. The best advice I was every given was “just keep trying” and “seize the day”. If I could see one show playing in the world right now it would be Rock of Ages. Love the music and it reminds me of my youth.


Alyssa Theissen

Alyssa has a considerable background in acting, film, and vocal coaching. A recent high school graduate, she hopes to launch her career in theatre, writing, and music. She is very passionate about equipping young students with successful techniques and strategies, while also maintaining a fun-loving atmosphere that will inspire students to carry on and grow in their talents. Alyssa will talk films, shows, and music with anyone who will listen, and the best piece of advice she can give for aspiring actors is to not play the scene, but let the scene play you. She is eager to aid students in developing a solid foundation in singing and acting! 


Josh Lalisan

One of my favourite movie characters growing up was Aladdin! He was a smart and brave boy who cared for those he loved.  My favourite actor currently is Aaron Tveit! His singing and acting is phenomenal and talent like that is rare to find. Favorite dancer would be Robert Roldan! He is a one of a kind dancer. I’ve performed at the Golden Hall of the Musikeverein in Vienna, Austria singing classical songs I would easily sing anything from High School Musical or Camp Rock at any given moment. I always believe that this is what I love doing! Then my nerves become excitement! To ever give up on your dreams! Mean girls on Broadway!


Dakota Snow

Dakota specializes in dance and has been a competitive dancer since the age of 10. She has
been trained in many genres of dance, but her favourites would have to be ballet and
contemporary. Dakota has assisted dance and technique classes in the past at her previous
dance studio and has competed in competitions such as the Dance World Cup. Dakota loves the
arts and is beyond excited to share her knowledge and passion with the kids in the Shine Bright
Musical Theatre program. She believes that dance is an amazing medium to use to express
yourself and find confidence in what you put forward. Although she has taken a few years
hiatus from dancing, Dakota is excited to get back into the performing arts and nurture her love
for dance, as well as help students find their own passions, whether that be singing, dancing, or
everything in between!

Courtney Bettanin

A memorable performance was on the Norwegian Pearl Cruise Ship in front of 800 people. To this day Courtney is influenced & mesmerized by the older dancers at her studio. Ariel was a favorite character when she was younger. Anne Hathaway is so versatile and becomes any part she plays. Ever since hearing ‘Ain’t it Fun’ – by Paramore, the song replays in her mind. Stage fright… once on stage with her friends, all was good in the world. Top three musicals to see in New York! Aladdin, Something Rotten and Hamilton. A quote from a T-Shirt that is fashioned to this day. “No one can lay a hand on your dreams.”


Leigha Snow-White

With 16 years of performance experience, Leigha has learned a variety of tools for storytelling and expressing character through her involvement with dance, choir and musical theatre. All of which, she incorporates into her continued involvement with the arts and strives to integrate into her teaching approach at Shine Bright Musical Theatre School.  She is passionate about sharing her love of theatre and looks forward to teaching others the magic and wonder that comes with performing! Never one to sit still in her seat, Leigha will turn anything into a song and dance when given the opportunity! Her favourite role she has ever played would be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, though she is also a big fan of anything Disney. If Leigha could attend any Broadway shows, her ‘must-see’ list includes: Mamma Mia, Footloose and Rock of Ages.


Erlynn Garcia

Bringing her performance background in the Arts to Shine Bright Musical Theatre program. Erlynn enjoys sharing her experience, passion and knowledge to the next generation of performers and students. Erlynn hopes to continue teaching and cultivating within the arts community and is currently working towards obtaining a Bachelor Degree of Fine arts with a major in Music at Simon Fraser University. Erlynn’s strong passion for music includes playing instruments such as flute, guitar, and singing. Erlynn has spent many years involved within the dance and hip-hop scene from the beginning of high school and has continued to compete and perform post-secondary. She loves being on stage and has performed for multiple occasions at the bell centre of performing arts and other venues.  Erlynn has worked within the arts community through schools, lunchtime programs, and extracurricular clubs within Langley and the lower mainland. 


Kim’s academic achievements are in Business & Financial Management, Leadership, Recreation & Physical Education, Visual/Applied & Performing Arts for Children & Adult’s for over forty-five years. In addition to; special needs and therapeutic education for all ages. Kim has worked with Community & Rehabilitation Centers, Charities, Resorts, Theatre, Acting & Modeling Agencies in the Lower Mainland. Also, ran a successful Children’s Day Care Program  

Planning, Designing and Programming Festivals, Community Programs and Special Events are Kim's expertise.

 Bringing ‘savoir faire’ and applying her knowledge to running theatre schools now for ten years. Kim’s favorite days of the week have always been spending time with her students and staff! Developing creativity, passion, skills and helping prepare them for a lifetime of success.


Kim Stordy

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coming soon

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Interested in Joining Our Team?


We currently have 2 amazing locations for you to visit

Langley Central

Langley Central (Loc.02)
20091-Industrial Ave, Langley, BC V3A 4K6
(778) 861 - 4559

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